Sunday – 10th May 2015

Good evening all,

Tonight marks the end of a nice 9 day holiday from work – I’ve enjoyed the rest (a little too much).

I haven’t achieved too much during my time off, but there is a lot to be said for taking time to relax and just do whatever you want for a few days.

I’ve put the finishing touches to two pieces of music and I will share those with you another time.

Thursday included a meal at Yo Sushi and a film at the Southampton IMAX theatre – “Avengers – Age of Ultron”


A great film, especially in IMAX 3D – I would recommend it – I loved the first Avengers film, but this one was just a bit better.

Today was spent with my pressure washer – I decided to clean the patio and pathways around the house.

I would say that the patio area does look cleaner, but the following happened;

  • I have managed to remove most of the cement from between the patio slabs 😦
  • I also managed to cover my wife’s car and mine with dirt (had to quickly wash them off) 😦
  • I also sprayed dirt all over the neighbours car (so had to quickly spray it off before they noticed) 😦

In summary, I have probably created more mess and will have to fix the gaps between the patio slabs.

I shouldn’t be let loose with a pressure washer!

At least I got the jacuzzi up and running, so I enjoyed a nice relax after all my hard work tidying up all the mess I’d made while trying to clean things…..

On this post I will share with you one of my brothers new songs – The song is called “Feed” and is one of the eight tracks from the new album my brother is working on called “8-Bit”.

The idea behind the album is to create songs with an 80’s feel with eight songs that relate to more modern issues.

“Feed” is about social media and the pressures of maintaining an interesting blog, Facebook page or Twitter account.

Let me know what you think…..

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments 🙂

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Back on WordPress after 2 years!

Hello again!

So what has happened over the last two years? Too much to bore you with in one blog!

I will keep this first one short (as it is 8:10pm and am I hungry, so Burger King is calling me).

I must thank everyone that still follows my blog after all this time – I have just followed you all back, so look forward to catching up on your recent blogs over the next few days.

The Music


So today’s blog will be about one of my pieces of music – I have recently purchased an iMac (beautiful machine) and downloaded Logic Pro X.

After years of seeing my brother put together some great songs (I will share a few of his latest songs over the next few days), I decided to have a go myself.

I have always loved music – I have a song for every memory.

Current linked song is “Run” by Leona Lewis – an unhappy memory unfortunately as it is linked to my baby girl cat Chloe dying on the 19th February – Obviously not one I listen to often, but sometimes it is nice to sing along with it and remember all the good times we had – Chloe was a real daddy’s girl, and I miss her daily.

So on the my music, the first track I will share with you is “Up and Down” – an instrumental, everyone tells me it sounds very 80’s – I was a teenager in the 80’s so very big influence to the songs I like when I am creating.

So here is the YouTube video of the track;

The photograph used is by Anna Pavlova (the69th) –

Please fell free to leave any comments – good or constructive – every comment will help me improve!

Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂